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7th International Conference - 2005
Riverside, California

Crime Free Conference Banner Conference Committe Lunch Time Raffle
Riverside, CA 2005 Conference Committee Lunch Time Raffle
Frank Wirrell Curt Moore Carrie Madrid
Frank Wirrell
Volunteer of the Year
Curt Moore
Manager of the Year
Carrie Madrid
Manager of the Year
Roy Galusha Chris Singletary Russ Leach
Roy Galusha
Coordinator of the Year
Chris Singletary
Owner of the Year
Russ Leach
Chief of Police Award
Tim Kuforiji Dan Andresen Gerda Suess
Tim Kuforiji
Nigeria Member
Dan Andresen
Easy Tracking Software
Gerda Suess
New Westminster, Canada
John Start Denny Dobbins Chris McGoey
John Start
Board Treasurer
Denny Dobbins, Esq.
Assistant Director
Chris McGoey
Tim Zehring John Nebl Dave Rowe
Tim Zehring
Executive Director
John Nebl
Dave Rowe
Board Secretary
Clarence Dodson Lunch Meeting Vendor Area
Clarence Dodson Lunch Meeting Vendor Area


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Tim Zehring, Executive Director
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