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Crime Free Business

Keep Illegal Activity Off Rental Property

What is the Crime Free Business program?
Crime Free Business is designed to reduce crime in and around retail and service businesses and provide a safe work environment for employees, customers and employers, all while increasing your bottom line.

Crime Free Business gives retail and service establishments proven strategies to reduce the likelihood of being robbed and becoming a victim of other crimes. By implementing Crime Free Business strategies, retail and service businesses have reduced robberies by up to 45% and other violent crimes like assaults and batteries to employees by nearly 30%.

There are three phases to becoming certified as a Crime Free Business:
  • 2-hour training session for business owners and/or managers
  • On-site security evaluation
  • On-site business follow-up

What are the benefits of being certified as a Crime Free Business?

  • Improved safety and security to business owners and managers, employees and customers
  • Increased customer volume—participation in the program is good for business!
  • Program specifically tailored to the security and safety needs of your business
  • Program materials, including employee training brochures and video, decals and manual
  • Updated and ongoing information on local crime and crime prevention strategies
  • Invitations to Crime Free special events, such as training in advanced security systems (i.e. purchasing and installing video surveillance equipment) and training in advanced loss prevention procedures (i.e. check fraud)

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