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  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Crime Free Rental Housing
  • Crime Free Mobile Housing
  • Crime Free Condominiums
  • Crime Free Self-Storage
  • Crime Free Hotel-Motel
  • Crime Free RV Parks
  • Crime Free Lifestyles
  • Crime Free Business

Instructor Trainer Workshops Are Available Online Now!

(We have temporarily halted in-person classroom training due to various COVID-19 restrictions.)

Online Training Begins Each Monday - Except Holidays. (We are flexible if you need to do a different start-day.)

See The "TRAINER CERTIFICATION" And "ABOUT CRIME FREE" Tabs On This Website For Abbreviated Information Regarding Our UPDATED Training Topics. You Need To Have Training On These Topics To Understand HUD Changes And New HUD Regulations!

Limited Online Workshops For Property Managers and Their Security Companies Are Now Available Every Week!

(Please send us an email regarding the number of employees you would like to have trained and when)

Instructor: Timothy L. Zehring, Founder

International Crime Free Association

If you have already been confirmed for ONLINE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, you may pay here now. Due to class limits, no refunds two weeks prior to online training or after receiving class materials.

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Due To Online Class Registration Limits, Please Do Not Pay Until Your Registration Has Been Sent To Us And Has Been Approved.

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PLEASE NOTE: Portions of the online training will include offline video instruction and written tests. Please email Tim ( if you need additional information about this training.

Crime Free Program Instructor Certifications

If you can only participate in one crime prevention workshop this year, choose this one! These are the 28th Annual International Crime Free Programs workshops, featuring the nine highly effective Crime Free Programs.

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Crime Free Rental Housing
  • Crime Free Condominiums
  • Crime Free Mobile-Housing
  • Crime Free RV Parks
  • Crime Free Self-Storage
  • Crime Free Hotel-Motel
  • Crime Free Lifestyles
  • Crime Free Business

These are some of the best crime prevention certifications you can obtain because they provide so much useful content that will serve you throughout your entire career.

The Crime Free Programs have shown a remarkable statistical reduction in police calls-for-service internationally for more than two decades...and they consistently work!

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for those who are full-time employed by a law enforcement or other government agency. There will be three full-days of " Crime Free Instructor Train-The-Trainer Certification Courses."

Featured Instructor

These courses will be taught by Timothy Zehring, the founder of the International Crime Free Programs, a retired, 22-year veteran of the Mesa, Arizona Police Department.

These workshops are ideal for law enforcement professionals that are new to managing crime prevention programs and involved in rental housing, condominiums, hotels, motels, mini-storage, and manufactured-housing. Regardless of your experience level, you are guaranteed to learn something new at this workshop.

For experienced professionals who are already running one or more Crime Free Programs, we will offer cutting edge information and improvements that have been tested by the various jurisdictions and communities.

These classes will fill-in the gaps in your training and take you to a new advanced level!

Crime Free Program Instructor Certifications:

    $285.00 - For All Three Days Of Training!
    Instructor Certifications For All Programs!
    Includes PowerPoints, Videos And Handouts!

Regarding Live Training Workshop Locations:

    If you wish for us to host training in your city, please let us know about your training facility and your availability.

    We are willing to do in-person training with safe distancing.

    Please let us know if you can provide 30 attendees if we travel to your location.

    Please contact us to discuss the details!

Please Send Your Inquiries To:

    International Crime Free Association, Inc.
    Attn: Timothy L. Zehring, Director
    P.O. Box 1146
    Higley, AZ 85236

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International Crime Free Association
Attn: Timothy L. Zehring
PO Box 1146 - Higley, AZ 85236

Timothy L. Zehring, Executive Director
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